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Curiosity projects began as a way for different divers working on projects to share information about these projects. Through this platform we seek to share, incentivise and collaborate on projects as a means to integrate the diving community. Diving is fun, but if you have a specific objective for your dives and collaborate with other divers it is much more fun.

Curiosity projects are mini research projects, in which divers use inquiry-based research to gather information and communicate it. This is why, Curiosity Projects have a Projects Council to sign off the projects and support the teams. This helps drive rigor and avoids duplicity.

Curiosity Projects are opened to divers from any agency and non divers. Most projects are typically led by a UTD instructor or a UTD Dive Center. For divers, the only requirement is that local regulations be followed, divers can demonstrate the proper level of skills and they be certified for the types of Curiosity Project to be done. (e.g. For safety, non overhead certified divers may not participate as divers in cave/mine environments but may support in other activities)