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How to Start a Project

If you wish to start a project you must first submit your request to the Projects Board. The Projects Board will ensure the project follows the proper Curiosity Projects Ethos, represents a unique project and has the correct resources to succeed.

The sections you need to submit are:

  1. Project Name
  2. Project Champion name and contact information
  3. Project Team members´ names
  4. Project location (GPS coordinates if possible)
  5. Project objective
  6. Has there been any other similar projects already underway? If yes, what makes this one worth vs continuing with the previous Project?
  7. What certification requirements are needed?
  8. Are there any funding needs? Who/How will these be covered?
  9. Are there any local regulations or permits which are required? If yes, specify.

Once these questions are ready, please send your request to projectsboard(at)