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  • The objective of the Curiosity Projects Platform is to provide a central repository for Curiosity type projects performed by UTD community divers.
  • Through this platform, projects can get the proper visibility and support for successful support and execution.
  • A Curiosity Project is defined as a mini research project, in which divers use inquiry-based research about whatever topic they’re interested in and document that topic for future reference or scientific research.
  • Curiosity Projects are diver inclusive from any agency. The only requirement is that the volunteers have the right skills for the project type. ie: A cave diving project will require all divers to be cave certified to the minimum limits required specific to the project requirements.
  • Curiosity Projects must be self reliant from a financial perspective so if there are related costs, the project team must self fund the project or find sponsors.
  • The Curiosity Projects Platform will be managed by a Board while the individual projects will be supervised by a Projects Board
  • The Curiosity Projects Platform is fully independent of UTD Scuba Diving LLC