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UTD Overhead Courses


This is where all overhead training starts. This is the foundation of the overhead training in UTD.

Overhead protocols or simply OHP is not a certification as such as it does not certify you to cavern or cave dive. Not even perform penetration in ship wrecks. So, why do this course? Well, because in this course is where you will learn the basics about how to manage yourself with a line in an open environment which is the safe place to learn. DonĀ“t think however because there is no overhead that this course is by any means easy. It is not! It is actually quite challenging because you will need to work with your fellow divers as a real team in simulated overhead dives having to resolve underwater all sorts of challenging scenarios you might encounter in an overhead environment such as zero visibility.


The Cave 1 program is the next strep in overhead diving. This course will certify you as a cave diver and you will be able to perform cave penetrations while keeping to the main line. No complex navigation or jumps while using you main gas source.


Cave 2 follows on from the Cave 1 course. It trains you to perform more complex cave dives with longer bottom times and complex navigation.


This is the top level of overhead training available. Cave 3 covers complex deep cave diving with decompression requirements and further complex navigation. At the completion of the Cave 3 course you will be in a position to move on into exploration cave dives while mentored by your instructor.