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UTD Community

At UTD we embrace divers who are willing to become and evolve as Thinking Divers. Recreational all the way to exploration divers can take part in our events. UTD Communities are present in most geographical areas so if you want to join us you are certainly most welcome.

As part of our community we like to share information through our UTD Podcasts and our UTD.TV channel. Through those channels you can find a great deal of information. Your UTD instructors are always available to assist you.

You can additionally find some training videos you can refer to to freshen up you skills in preparation for any dives or courses you might have coming up.

As part of the Curiosity Projects, we offer you the possibility to join other fellow divers as part of Projects. It does not matter if you are only getting started as a diver, there are always things to do for divers of all levels and non-divers.  

If you are new to DIR diving here are some quick tips about configuration and our standard gases