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UTD Technical Courses


Essentials of Tech is a preparatory course for those whiling to explore Technical diving. In this course, the student becomes familiar with the basic technical diving equipment and learns proper positioning, valve management, and failure scenarios.

Though not compulsory to start a Tech 1 course, it is highly recommended as the Tech 1 course builds from the basics of the Intro to Tech.


Tech 1 course is the first course aimed at preparing a diver to become a technical diver. This course certifies divers up to a depth with less than 30min of decompression and one decompression gas. As to be expected, this course is very demanding both mentally and physical as divers spend many hours in the water training for multiple scenarios which need to be resolved under water.


As a follow on to Tech 1, the Tech 2 course increases the divers´ bottom time and increases the decompression management capabilities up to two bottles. Typically oxygen and Nitrox 50. In doing so it allows divers to extend their bottom time and depth.


Some dives require further skills. Tech 3 is the highest open water technical diving course. Divers learn how to properly plan extreme deep dives in open water conditions while managing up to eight tanks. This is course signs you of a as a Formula 1 diver! 🙂