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Deep Cave Project – 2022

The Area

Deep Cave Project is setup near the town of Covarubias and Hortigüela at the Fuente Azul upwelling. This cave has been explored by different local and international groups over the years with some limited progress in horizontal penetration due to the deep characteristics of the cave which makes it difficult for cave divers to continue exploring. The cave has a somewhat easy access from the parking lot but is located on the opposite side of a river. So after rains, it is sometimes inaccessible due to the strength of the river which makes it impossible to access the cave safely. The cave itself is accessed through a restriction at 6m. Tanks need to be moved forward as it is too tight to access with back mount and stages. The cave then drops to about 50m in a vertical drop where there is another restriction. Once that restriction has been passed the cave continuous down to -74m where it opens up again into a larger circular tube down to -130m to then slowly go up.

The Project

The objective of the project is to document the condition of the cave, perform some needed fixes on the main line and perform a push beyond the current explored section.

The Team

  • Alan Weinberg (Project Leader, Cave diver)
  • JuanSan (Project Co-Leader, Cave diver)

Project Results


Team performs initial feasibility dive down to -74m. Finds a “cloud’ of line at -54m which will need to be cleaned up. the line was found broken at the second restriction and a temporary fix was done.